Friday, September 17, 2010

Survival Shows

It first started with Survivor Man, a lone guy who's out in some remote place all by himself.  Then came Man vs. Wild, followed by a show with a hippie and an ex-Marine.  Now, you have a show with a man and his wife.  How many stinkin' survival shows are there and how long can you really stretch the premise? There's really only so much drinking your own urine, eating bugs and making fires that you can do. Quite frankly it does get old after awhile, yet so intriguing because it's almost like a train wreck. It's hard to peel your eyes away because you think you're going to get something new and exciting but you just run into the same thing.

Perhaps I should make up my own survival show.  It's not hard to make a fire and eat a bunch of weird stuff. 

I'm curious as to how far the premise is going to go.

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