Tuesday, September 28, 2010

No Ordinary Family: A Small Review

I saw the series premier of "No Ordinary Family" this evening and it was interesting.  Think of it like The Incredibles meets real life.  The superpowers are different to an extent, but the show is fun nonetheless.  I think the superpower aspect of it I think works as a mere distraction to the fact the family is having problems.  The family is an "ordinary" family with "ordinary" problems. The superpowers, though, acts as a rabbits foot, in the literary world.  This refers to an object that helps move the story along. It doesn't matter what it is, but it gives the characters a reason to be there and to advance in their tenures.  I think if the show was marketed a different way, i.e. without the superpower aspect of it, it would still be just as effective of a show.  The show isn't about the powers being used for good (though it's developing that way), but it's about a family trying to put themselves together.  It's a good show and this was just a small review, but I had to at least give you, the reader, a glimpse into what to expect. 

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