Saturday, September 18, 2010

The OU Game Today

OU fans shouldn't fret about the game.  Why? Because they played a team that doesn't give up and always keeps playing.  Air Force can play with any team in the country and perhaps one should look at their devotion and dedication not to the game, but what they're going to do after they graduate. None of them will see a professional field until after their 4-year commitment as an officer.  They way they played today, though they lost, should give us hope that their overal team effort is going to serve us well over a course of time.  They don't have one "star" per se on any side of the ball and that showed this evening.  It's fun watching them play because you know even if their down they're going to keep playing and playing hard until the clock hits zero.  It wouldn't matter if they were 0-12, they're going to push it until the end. 

It wasn't the typical blowout OU fans are used to, but c'mon.  You played a team with a lot more going for them than a pro career. Military academies don't get the top-notch recruits.  They get dedicated, non-selfish people that are going to do something a lot of people don't have the motivation or the courage to do. 

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