Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Is the Internet Dying Out

I think the answer to that is yes.  It's an interesting thing when you start to see the trends in technology.  The Internet, as popular as it was grew practically over night. Then, in a flash of brilliance it started to create websites and social media and programs to make our lives a lot "better".  There is a new phenomena today called apps. These apps do take on a life of its own; it really does and it affects everything we do whether we think about it or not. If you're listening to Pandora while you're cooking dinner you're using an app. If you're playing X-Box 360 you're using an app.  Checking the weather on your iPod or sports scores, you're using an app.

The world of apps is taking over. Make no mistake about it, the Internet has seen its brightest days. With the invention of apps and other mobile devices, no one needs to have the Internet anymore. It makes it interesting in the long scheme of themes. Mobile apps don't need to be powered by Google or other search engines. What makes it even more interesting to think about is what technology will replace apps. That's far off, but being the industry of technology, in particular Internet technology, you have to look at the future.

With the Internet gone, what else would we have? After apps are gone, what will we have?  Furthermore, how will it dictate our lives? Again, there will be a second part to this story.  I just don't know when yet. 

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