Monday, September 6, 2010

Business is Business

I got a disturbing email from one of the freelance companies I worked for that said they didn't need my services anymore.  Trying to get a response as to why that happened, I got the answer, "We're going with someone who will work cheaper."  Writing How-to articles aren't bad, but I charged a reasonable rate, and produced high quality, one that was highly praised by the clients.  While it doesn't urg me to be let go (after all it is a freelance job) it does bother me when the person I was "fired" for is selling himself cheap.  Writers shouldn't shortchange their selves. I thought I charged a low price for what I did, but going any lower than that is, pardon my French, whoring yourself out.   Writers should never work for free or cheap. It's a craft that warrants meticulous detail and creative ingenuity.  It's one of the hardest crafts because you do have to learn the hundreds of grammatical rules in our lexicon today. 

I understand that as a business it's important to save a buck, but when you have millions of dollars of expendable income then it shouldn't be a problem.  With them, it is, apparently.  I'm going to read some of the articles this other person writes.  I'm a little upset, not because I'm losing a little extra income, but I'm a little upset that companies like this are essentially exploiting writers. 

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