Monday, September 20, 2010

The Annoyance of Facebook

I understand the fun that can be had with Facebook. In fact, I'm an avid surfer and I play on it for work purposes.  But what annoys me is the fact that people use Facebook more as a sounding board than anything else. Whether it's an academic who posts articles that geared toward their profession or people who just post something in an effort to offend people, there's always a motive.  Facebook is fun, I'll admit, but what medium should Facebook really be used.  I enjoy reading academic's conversations about an article posted from a news source that no one has ever heard of and just harp on the minute details in the article.  Then it gets into a blown conversation where the OP (original poster) is just waiting on pins and needles to respond.  What bothers me more is when you tag another person to purposefully bring in someone into your conversation on that article.  To me that's rude. If you want to hear their thoughts, then send them a message, or talk to them in private.  Leave your pretentions at the door, please.  Yes, I do have a reason for this pre post.  I am developing an article on narcissism and the Facebook world.  It's going to be four parts.  This post is only focusing on the first part.  There's a direction I'm going with this.  Wayne Lin signing out.

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