Sunday, September 5, 2010

Labor Day

I know what the day is all about, but I find it funny that many of the working class personnel get that day off.  You would think that a day called Labor Day would force people to work, but we're not in Communist Russia or Communist China.  I know it's a linguistic play with "Labor Day," but it's still funny and rather ironic that many have the day off on "Labor Day".  I'm not complaining and I'll certainly take the day off. It's rather nice in fact. I have a day planned of doing nothing and resting. Now, what I really don't understand is how some people have Columbus Day off.  That "holiday" has always bothered me because there has always been debate about whether his contributions were really his contributions.  But who cares, we get a day off, right?  Well, no.  It should be commemorated with something that really counts where historical accounts of the people involved is confirmed and not put in any negative clout. I will follow up on this like three of my other blog topics, but you'll just have to keep looking for it.  Hahhh...

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