Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Nary Here, Nary There

I might be self conscious about my age, but I have to say even though I'm 29 I feel really old.  Maybe it's because I don't work out nearly as much as I used to, but I feel fine--for a while, then I feel like crap. I'm sluggish, and I don't like waking up as much as I used to.  A friend of mine suggested I take fish oil early and often, but I don't know why that's going to help. Maybe I just need to suck it up and start working out and eating healthier like I used to. 29's not that big of a deal, I know. But the problem is I'm reading more and more stories about people dying or suffering from heart attacks and other heart diseases.  It's scary but there isn't much I can do about that.

29 is supposed to be the new 19, but I can tell you that's not right. O well. I'll suck it up and move on with life as I usually do. If I start complaining more and more about my age, feel free to tell me to shut up.

Monday, August 30, 2010


Not a fancy title, but I've often thought about what my life would be if I wasn't so much of a fan of sports.  Baseball, football, basketball--makes no difference. I would like to think I would be a little smarter, but probably not.  For now, I'll continue to be an in-depth sports nut with nothing to lose.  It's strange because as I'm watching the Rangers game, I'm thinking of some deep thoughts.  So, maybe I shouldn't think about what life would be like if I wasn't into sports.  I'd hate to think how much time I would devote to other things if I wasn't watching sports all the time. 

I often think about the same thing in regards to video games. I don't have a video game system, but if you combine sports watching and countless hours playing video games--we don't want to think about it. Anyway, I'm going to smoke some cigars now. 

Sunday, August 29, 2010

A Book Idea

I've had numerous book ideas in the past, and tinkered with the idea of actually writing one. There have been many drafts and outlines and they've all landed in the shredder.  There is, though, one book idea that I like so much, I've given more than three minutes of thought at one time.  Should be a good one and it's a book unlike any other book today.  Yeah right, you say. That's okay, because that last sentence was only a marketing technique.  I will be posting a brief glimpse of the book here in the coming weeks.  It's a great way to get some exposure for my book, but really it's all about trying to get some comments and suggestions on my book.  Once I get full swing into my book, like this blog, I will write a little bit everyday.  This is a task unlike any other, much like this blog, that I will follow through.  It will happen.  Stay tuned for the book sample. It will probably be titled as something like "Book Sample". You'll know it when it happens.

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Spoke too Soon

As soon as I give them praise, they let me down. The Rangers were outplayed and couldn't buy a hit off Dallas Braden. Not to take anything away from Braden; he's a good pitcher, but the Rangers couldn't muster anything in the way of offense. That's okay, because they still lead the division by 8.5 games.  With slightly over a month left, the Rangers have the toughest schedule of anyone in the West.  I know because I did a winning percentage average on all teams in the West and the Rangers will face opponents with a .578 winning percentage.  I'm nervous, but I couldn't care less if they won the division by one game. I'd still be pretty satisfied about that.

Anyway, I think I'm bad luck for the Rangers. Any game I've seen, they've lost. Hopefully it doesn't set a trend. I'm getting nervous, really I am. But we'll see what happens next.

Friday, August 27, 2010

The Rangers' Success

It's been 11 years since the Rangers last went to the playoffs and they are looking quite excellent with a little over 30 games to go. With a win over the division rivals the Texas Rangers extended their lead in the division by 9.5 games.  It's been a while since I've been this excited about their success, even though I've been a loyal fan forever.  This season feels different.  They have a lot of things going for them: pitching, timely hitting, and they're not relying on the home run.  They're bringing the idea of small ball back and it's enjoyable to see them at the top of the standings each morning. 

The last three times they've been to the playoffs they lost to the Yankees, but this does feel a lot different. The Yankees aren't the dominating team they were back in the late 90's.  They still buy their roster, but they have some holes. It think they can compete with them at all levels this season (assuming both teams make the playoffs).  It's exciting to be rewarded for a lifetime of patience.  It's time. 

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Politics and Other Things

This one will be shorter; not quite an essay, not quite a fourth grade paper.  But one thing that I don't understand is when people don't get involved in politics.  It doesn't perturb me as much as when someone texts when they're having a conversation with you, but it does bug me on the level of our duty in life.  No one, not one, is immune from the political system.  When I hear people not give a rip about politics it sends a message that either they don't care about it, or they lost confidence of those in office.  Either way, it's still going to effect you and those around you.  We all have the means to do something. Even if you're not familiar with both parties, study up on them.  We have numerous resources to do so.  On the flip side of that, don't just listen to what one camp says and take that for gospel truth. Use your mind and understand how policies, ideologies, etc. effect your life. 

Inaction is action unto itself.  I said it.  I've been trying to get that off my tongue for a long time. Inaction, in my opinion, leads to dissent and downfall.  I don't care what side of the line you're on.  Get involved and see for yourself. You will do this country more good by being active than you will if you sit at your home and don't care. 

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

What Did I Eat Last Night?

I had this odd dream last night that I was choking some kid and threw his lifeless body like a baseball into the ocean. Then when I turned around a clown was chasing me in a different scenario.  I found myself in the woods finding civilization. Things like that just don't happen.  It's odd because I have a mortal fear of clowns.  There's really no reason to have a dream like this, other than I must be repressing some kind of feeling or emotion. But where does the choking a kid and throwing him easily into the ocean come into play? 

Beats me, but I can't say I have these dreams too often.  It's every once in a while these odd and random dreams come into play.  Who knows, but I could just be at at the point of exhaustion that leads to my wicked odd dreams.  Whatever the case may be, I just need to get over it and move on.

This blog post is strange, but I don't really care.  Good night, everybody.

By the way, tomorrow's blog is going to be something special. 

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

No Real Title

Yes, it's late, but I was picking up a friend from the airport.  However, this post does have some kind of substance to it.  I am in the midst of thinking about grad school, and how much it's going to cost, where I want to go to school, what I want to study, going part time, etc.  There's a lot to think about in the coming days. I don't have all the answers and right now I'm focused on getting a successful social media campaign done for work. That's my big priority at the moment.  I want to go to grad school, but I swore on the day I graduated college: "NO MORE SCHOOL!" Now I find myself wanting to further my education.  Honestly, who does that?

I'm pretty devoted to work so any thoughts of school might have to wait.  Anyone feel free to give me advice.  I'm kind of lost at the moment on the topic. Grad school is a huge commitment and so is work.  I can do both, for sure.  I don't know.  I'm confused. Primarily I'm confused because I'm exhausted. Maybe I'll go to bed and think it over before I make any decisions.

Good night.

Monday, August 23, 2010

Language: A Follow Up Part One

It took a while, but I think I'm ready to follow up on the issue of language, particularly Internet speak and how it relates to our current vocabulary.  Ebonics, Goth speak, Punk speak, and various "other" types of language made its way into our society in the 80's and early 90's. For the most part it's stuck--even in the way people write.  My wife can contest to this a lot more than I can, but I see the problem is there.  Perhaps the idea of language as being "soft" and easily adaptable comes into play, but surely that can't be the only answer.  There must be a reason why Internet lingo is so sexy to be this easily adaptable. 

This idea isn't something new. It's as old as time.  Languages adapt and have gone through several dozen morphs over the course of years. From umlats to emoticons, it's what we understand and know--it's also something we've adapted easily and quickly but there is no governing body to tell us how we're allowed to talk or do things. Using "like" as a filler is annoying in and of itself, but using "OMG" takes annoyance to another level.  That goes for writing or talking. 

I've mentioned before that linguists really can't do anything about it because language does have a mind of its own. Is it that parenting is taken on new lows or is it the bombardment of usage of such language in media?  I'm going somewhere with this, really.  But it's going to be in segments. 

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Do We Love Each Other Enough

Conversation on the patio with a cigar and cold drink leads to some deep discussions.  The topic tonight was whether church members love each other enough.  The topic is valid enough and leads to many deep discussions, discussions that should be a focal point in each congregant.  We should love each other and others, but at what point is that love extended to the "others".  Seriously. 

In high school we had cliques.  The jocks hung around one another, the band nerds had their ilk, and the drill teams nary wandered outside their group.  This is one damaging aspect to churches--the cliques.  It's but one to talk to people you're comfortable with, but we must remember that we aren't called to be in the holy huddle with people we are the most comfortable with. I think that many churches fall into this easily.  Some of us call it the holy huddle, theological snobbery, etc.  What terminology it really is I don't know.  It should be addressed either way, regardless of denomination.  Helping our brothers doesn't mean leaving them feeling unwanted or unwelcomed.

I can go on all day, but again, I'm freaking exhausted.

Saturday, August 21, 2010

I Hate the Airport

It's a pretty self-explanatory title.  It pretty much says it all, so there isn't much of an explanation here other than to say that the airport sucks.  There must be something about Saturdays that brings out the worst in employees, people, airplanes, animals, roads, cars, things, and food.  It was a relaxing morning, but once the airport came on the horizon, things went south.  If only I had a cigar--that's a hint in case certain people read this post in time.

My flight's been delayed for 30 minutes and there's a foul smell of poop or something oddly similar.  I'm still on vacation so I'm going to try to not let it bug me until Monday, but I can't help but to point out the bad things. It was oh so peaceful in mountains.  Why can't it be like that now?  Oh well. I'm just a complainer.  And I'm okay with that.  For now I'm logging off. The only good airport experience is that I'm getting the free wi-fi to write today's blog.


Friday, August 20, 2010

One More Go

You would think that if you're on the downhill of your vacation that you'd have at least a time to wind down and relax, but not so fast!  One more hike we'll go on, and it will be an easy one.  Easy one, at least to the book. It's not a 17-mile round trip festival of mazes and hypothermia; rather it's a brisk 1.2 mile trip one way. You still have to go one way on hills and rocks, which is murder on the feet.  I think I'm ready. My flight from Denver leaves at 5:00 Denver time and I'll arrive at 7:30 OKC time, which gives us some time to make another hike but after a week of pain and swollen feet, I don't really want to do it.  However, I've decided to make a conscious decision to traverse one more mountain and get myself back in shape.  What will this mean for me after I'm done will be the question.  I'm already tired, beat up, my feet are the size of balloons--but I did have a cigar.

Anyway you look at it, I'm ready to do it physically.  My vacation has been nothing short of fun (and kind of scary) but I'm ready to be at home, believe it or not.

Tomorrow's blog will be late, as these last few have been.  I have a topic already, but it will take me all day tomorrow to flesh it out.  You'll just to have to see what it is.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Almost Over

Only one more full day in Colorado and I have to say I'm quite relieved. As much fun as it is to get away from work and reality for a while, it's just nice to go back to it.  I actually want to get back to work.  I want to sleep in a bed that's my own, and I want to go back to the blistering 100 + degree heat.  Sounds crazy, but I'm really ready for it.

It was tons of fun but it has to end at some point.  I'm always afraid that I'm missing something at home and something isn't going to go right in my absence. Maybe that's a huge flaw of mine, but it always seem that way. It's my flaw, but that's a problem I'm dealing with.

No matter, but I want to clear the air that I did have fun.  It's just time for me to get back to reality.  I didn't really do anything exciting today.  Just hung around and rested my weary bones. That, in and of itself, is an awesome day.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

I slice of Americana in the condo

I was reacquainted with one of my most favorite movies of all time: Ferris Bueller's Day Off.  I forgot how much of a random and funny movie it was, considering it was done in the 80's.  It was by far one of my favorite John Hughes-directed movies and it's hard to fathom that Matthew Broderick was in the film.  There are so many quotable moments in the film and best of all it was probably the first movie of its kind. If you've seen it you know what I mean. 

There's nothing better than watching Ferris Bueller's Day Off with good company and Mystery Science Theater 300-type comments to accompany it.  Of course it's topped off with a nice glass of wine.  What strange adventures await me tomorrow? Horseback riding, tubing, mini golf, Starbucks?  Who knows, but for now I'm just going to cherish the moment with one of the greatest movies of all time.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Much Ado About Nothing--Literally

Pretty boring day today.  And that's okay because I need a boring day. I woke up with my body completely sore from the hike the night before and I loafed around town thinking I could work out some of the soreness.  It didn't work and I think I made it worse. Just can't seem to get a break. It doesn't matter. Soon I'll be eating a nice steak dinner with mushroom sauce with a glass of red wine. Life can't get any better than that. 

As for what's in store for tomorrow, it's going to be a slow day again.  This week is a time of relaxation and if it means to do nothing then that's good enough for me.  Really, as anyone is on vacation you'd be foolish to work but people do it for some odd reason.  That was me three years ago.  I've learned to separate work and vacation time and it's made me better on the inside.

Anyway, there really was nothing in this blog. It was an exhausting day and my legs are still recovering.  Stay tuned for something that might be interesting.

Monday, August 16, 2010

The Journey of 13,193-feet Starts with One Step

It happened.  I traversed a large mountain on two bottles of water and a camelback.  There are some things in this blog that are made up and some that aren't, but it's your job to figure it out. Anyway, the consolation prize was a natural hot spring, which really was the size of a small hot tub. Either way, it was still refreshing.  The trick, though, was walking back.  My right thigh and knee cramped repeatedly and I was down to only 12 ounces of water with 8.5 miles to go.  To make matters worse there were massive thunderstorms, coupled with hail and strong winds.  All hope seemed lost, but I persevered.  On the way down, my leg felt as though it was stabbed, but the cold from the rain and the night overtaking us made it worse. 

As my party marched on I was overtaken by a band of eagles. As I fended them off I knew I was in real trouble, because a bear came out of nowhere to take me on.  I poked him in the eyes and kicked him so hard I ripped into his body, spilling all his intestines. 

I finished the march, dehydrated, patience tested, character strengthened.  For a few moments on the mountain (Mount Conundrum) I was about to call it quits, but I dug deep and said to the mountain, "You will not take me today!"  And thus, it didn't, and I beat it. Nature threw all it had at me, but I fought back.  No cramp, pain, or soreness prevented me from finishing my task. 

Sunday, August 15, 2010

The Air Up Here

My lovely wife and I decided to run a mile to get adjusted to the air, but we struggled so mightily, we gave up after a quarter mile. It's uncharacteristic of me to do so--for her, too for the matter, but we couldn't help it.  It felt like we were running inside a bubble.  We walked around town to get a better feel of the air, and that was unbearable, but got a lot better.  For the most part, we're well adjusted but it's still going to take some time to be fully acclimated to the climate.  I'd be remiss to not mention we will be tackling one of the largest peaks in Colorado, in Aspen. The consolation is a natural hot spring at the end.  I'm going to struggle, most undeniably, but what doesn't kill you makes you stronger.  What kills you kills you but I fully expect to make it back alive. 

If I don't have a blog tomorrow, then you know my fate.  No, I'm not going to fake you out by not posting anything on purpose.  I fully expect to have a lot of fun. It's an 8-mile trek and the final destination is 13,201 feet. 

I'm stoked. 

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Colorado and Stuff

We made it to Colorado and I can already feel the major difference in the weather.  105 in Oklahoma; 75 in Denver.  Life is tough. I like everything about Breckendridge--except the hippie liberals but outside of that it's great. When we were driving through the mountains and the waterfalls, I couldn't help but to think about and marvel at God's glory.  His creation is something that should be taken seriously, and in two days we will be hiking on it.  It's a great way to essentially become one with nature, and at the same time experience God's creation in a different way. 

Anyhow, I will follow up soon on the evolution of language and Internet speak (from a blog post on Thursday). It is currently being worked through and researched so it will be a well thought out treatise on language--hopefully.

Friday, August 13, 2010

The Expendables

Granted this movie is a Sylvester Stallone-directed movie so it's going to have cliche macho one-liners and lots of blood and killing.  The movie The Expendables didn't differ too much from the typical action-oriented movie.  The plot was slow to develop, but 45-minutes, and cameos from action superstars of the past the movie's plot was finally revealed.  Then it was just blowing crap up and shooting holes into people.  Rambo was reported to have almost 300 kills in it, but The Expendables probably came close. 

I'm no movie critic and this is the closest I'm going to come, but I will say that if you're looking for a movie with deep philiosophical thought and intense plot scenes, you're not going to like it.  If you're looking for a movie with gruesome kill shots and a boost of testosterone, then this is the perfect movie. 

Not to spoil anything about the plot (like there was any in the first place) but Stallone did manage to break away from typical action movie cliche.  That's all I have to say about that.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Comments of Language

A friend and I talked about language, and discussed how it's morphed over the last few years. One of the topics touched on was the use of Internet speak. When is it acceptable and when does it become a hindrance on someone's learning?  The problem I see, as a person with an English degree, is that the Internet lingo is being used all too often.  It's being used in papers and in casual conversation.  That's not so much the problem as it is when it's perfectly acceptable in public debate, conversation, discussion, etc...

Sadly, I feel that it will be used so much to the point, linguists will have no choice but to accept it--which leads to another point: can we go back to conversation without this lingo?  Probably not, I say. It's taken on a life of its own, but unfortunately I'm not doing this blog post any justice because I'm pooped.  I'm going to expand on this idea in depth probably this weekend.  Believe me, it will be more profound.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

The Buzz About Twitter

I never really saw the appeal to it, other than people being overly narcissistic about their daily lives.  Who cares if you're in the bathroom doing whatever it is you're doing.  From a business stand point I know where it makes sense, but on a personal level, what gives?  Yes, I'm going to sign up for a personal Twitter account. I really don't know why other than to say it should be fun--maybe.

Much like this blog, I really don't have a set agenda with my tweets.  What can I say that's interesting in 140 characters or less?  Further, won't people get tired of what I'm saying? I have things to plug, like maybe this blog, but really outside of it, aren't I just being narcissistic? 

That's twice I've used narcissistic in the same post. I deserve a pat on the back.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

I Miss Guns

A friend "drug" me along to look for guns this afternoon, and I forgot how fun it was to hold a life-taking device in your hands.  I'm no gun-toting NRA-loving person, but I can get that way pretty quickly.  Next on my agenda: get a concealed to carry.  Then get (maybe) the Taurus 9 MM Mini.  It felt great and I can remember shooting with it the last time I went.  It was deadly accurate and felt great as each bullet made its way out the barrel. My friend might very well regret asking me to come along. 

I got back in the spirit of guns when for years I rejected the idea only because I would spend copious amounts of money on buying more guns and going to the range.  Perhaps at some point this year I will get a gun once I save up enough to comfortably do so.  I know there are a lot of people who are opposed of carrying one, but I encourage those who are apprehensive to try one--safely.  Yeah, I've heard a million times that guns make society less safe, but what are they basing that fact on?  I disagree. We do, after all, have the right to bear arms. No, not the arms of a bear, as some poorly educated people I once knew thought. 

A gun can protect you and it is a device, put in the right hands, that can save you.  If you're in your home and a burglar comes in are you going to gently talk him down? No.  A thief has the right to die if he threatens you.  At that moment, throw peace out the window. He's not there to talk. 

Anyway, I'm getting off my tirade only to say I miss having a gun around.  My friend inspired me to look in-depth into other guns. I think I shall do so immediately.

Monday, August 9, 2010

What is it about Fantasy Football

I'm not sure what it is, but there's just something about Fantasy Football that appeals to me. The idea is simple. All it is, is your "fantasy" team of players that you draft or someone drafts for you.  Every point you get is determined by settings beforehand.  Most commonly every ten yards gained is one point for running backs and wide receivers. Every touchdown is six points and field goals count as three, in most cases.  Sounds simple and boring, and that's what I thought at first. 

Now four years later I'm still playing it.  It's fun and best of all, it's really competitive. Most days I don't even pay attention to the game. I just pay attention to my individual players.  The guy who created fantasy football really knew what he was doing.  That ingenious idea has made him millions of dollars. It was estimated in 2009 that there was approximately 40 million dollars spent getting into leagues.  Yeah, 40 million dollars! Intense.

I will continue to play, but I still have my loyalties to the Cowboys...just not when they stop one of my players on my fantasy team.   

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Football Season Approacheth

It's about time!  I've waited many, many long months for the ultimate day to arrive once again.  Football season starts tonight with the preseason game between the Bengals and the Cowboys. Sure, it's only preseason, but it's still pretty awesome watching a bunch of guys hit each other. What's better than that?  This week will kick off the awesomeness that is football.

To me college football is a lot better than pro, but I'll take anything at this point. It makes no difference to me as long as pigskin is involved and I get to watch it.  This is premature, but my preseason prediction for Super Bowl is the Cowboys against the Bengals; it will end where it all started. (There is something really poetic about that line.)

For college, my prediction is the Texas Longhorns against LSU.  It should be a fun season, but I just can't wait.  Five and a half more hours until kickoff and I'm preparing now!

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Blogging Update After Week One

Week one is almost over on my daily blogging and I have to say it's been a blast. Since the blogging, I've watched less TV and done more writing--writing in general, not only on my blog.  Keeping myself accountable to something has kept me more focused.  

I'll have to admit, I'm pretty stoked about writing a daily blog, but really, there is no rhyme or reason on any one of my posts. What it's not going to be is some lame diary that talks about my feelings all the time. Who knows. I might have a social critique or a political discussion.  Some days I'll write about sports or some days I might post excerpts to the book I'm writing. 

When I started this a week ago, I didn't really have a clear direction on anything.  Today, it's a little more clear, but still random.  Stay tuned, the next post might be cool--or it might not.  We'll just have to see.

Friday, August 6, 2010

Life in Perspective

This evening I attended a wake for my wife's friend's father. It was emotional and powerful, yet at the same time I felt myself reeling.  Generally I don't have a strong set of emotions when it comes to things like these, but I was truly moved, not so much at the service or the prayers, though they're important.  What moved me was the notion of life.  Life is a fragile thing and God knew what he was doing when he created humanity.  There's a lot of emotion wrapped up in life from happiness to sadness, but the end result is that we are fallible beings, full of evil, born in sin but to ultimately serve one purpose--to glorify Him.  To Him be all the glory, no matter how sinful or evil we really are.  Did anyone ever think that a group of evil beings put together in one room can glorify Him? Well it did, and it was incredible.

One wake showed me that humanity is full of inconsistencies and that no one knows the time of fate.  But even through a terrible experience, much good can come from it--even from evil people like us. 

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Eating as a Profession

I've always wondered what it would be like in the spotlight on New Years Day at the Nathan's Hot Dog Eating Championship.  It's a great honor to be up there, and you're competing against some of the world's best eaters.  Oh, what glory that is!  What does it mean to be an eating champion?  Beats me.  I was teased unmercilessly as a kid for being overweight.  Anyhow, that Kobayashi guy looks like an athlete and the Chesnut guy looks like he's been a couch potato his whole life. I fit somewhere in between, so who's to say I can't handle the job of shoving hot dogs down my throat.

I can eat with the best of them. Some days my stomach sees no end to the food I shove in there.  The 72-ounce steak challenge in Amarillo--no problem. I've eaten 5+ pounds of food in one sitting before.  Hot wing challenge in Pittsburgh--no sweat.  It's really mind over matter.

There's no way my wife is going to let me be a pro eater, but the possibility is wide open.  For now, I'll stick with Internet Marketing and Social Media Marketing. I'm not giving up hope on my raw (pun intended) ability.  My wife makes me eat vegetables and fruit and crap like that. (I'll admit, sometimes it's not bad.)

Anyway, I can only dream the unthinkable, but perhaps one day you'll see me on the podium at the Nathan's Hot Dog Championship. Maybe you'll see me come out on top of the 72-ounce sirloin, or maybe beat the catfish record at Catfish and Steak Barn.  All I'm saying is Adam Richman's got nothing on me.  I'll go head-to-head with him any day--and maybe even partner with him.

Thus ends my thoughts about being a professional eater.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Blogging about Blogging

There has been much debate about what blogging really is.  Is blogging an article, or blogging more of a diary? Is it a mix of both?  If people do it, should they not know what it is to properly represent it? Perhaps I'm over thinking this like I do for just about nothing.

It's interesting if one thinks about it.  Or maybe not.  Blogging, no matter which way you slice it or dice it, serves one purpose: information. That's a cop out answer from me, but in reality that's what it is. Any form of literature is informative.  So, why label it specifically a blog?  It's short for weblog, but that's a diary-ish-thing. 

I have no idea what I'm saying only to say I'm freaking tired.  I made my mark and made something out of absolutely nothing.  Good night. Tomorrow will be a different day.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Life Without A/C

I now know what life in the 1800's and before was like. The past day and half have been pretty hot and dealing with it has been an adventure. What I realized was that I've been spoiled with modern conveniences.  Television, A/C and a number of things I've been dependent on and often take for granted. 

Anyway, I think I've found out how to fix the problem, but we'll find out soon.  Life without A/C is pretty unbearable, but I've lost some weight because of it.  I'm happy for that, but I wish I could have done it in a different way.  I called around for quotes to come out and have yet to find someone come out for less than $100 for a service call.

Thank God for the Internet, because I was able to diagnose the problem and figure out a solution--maybe.  If it's right has yet to be seen. If my posts become angrier and angrier as time goes on, then you know it didn't work.  For now, I'm going to finish up A/C work and move on.

Pray that I don't kill myself in the process--or my wife for that matter.  This is a boring post with not a whole lot to offer, but I have to get back to my A/C unit. Duty calls.

I said duty. 

Monday, August 2, 2010

Musings about Bacon and Sharks

Lunch break is awesome, but so were the sandwiches I made on Grandy's rolls.  These rolls are nothing more than buttery goodness filled with yeasty perfection.  When you add bacon to it, you have a winner. I'm simply amazed at how bacon heightens any type of food.  Add cheese and a slice of lettuce and you have yourself and awesome lunch.  That's not the point of this blog, though.  Something occurred to me on the way into work this morning.

Why is Shark Week so awesome?! Is it that we can watch a full week of television devoted to sharks dismembering people and animals, or has it become a deliciously sinful delight to watch sharks attack? My morbid curiosity think about random things like this everyday but I digress.

Shark Week is cool, don't get me wrong, but what really is the point of Shark Week?  We're not raising awareness of anything are we? And if we are, shouldn't we be doing it every month anyway? For the people who live in landlocked places like I do, it simply doesn't matter unless a shark finds itself in the might, might Oklahoma River. Just last night I watched two shows about sharks biting surfers and how they survived to tell the tale, but is this what this week is supposed to be all about?  If so, it's pretty lame. Who knows, but I have to make a confession that it is pretty cool watching footage of dismembered carcasses caused by these sharks.

With that, I go back to work.

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Day One Marks a New Journey

Day one of this long arduous journey and I almost ran into some problems.  The Internet was down momentarily, but it's back up and running allowing me enough time to put something together. 

A friend once commented to me that I'm crazy for doing what I'm doing, and that it's a time-wasting effort where I could be doing something more effective in life. I kindly disagreed, but it left me a stinger.  I was simply tired of being lazy when I'm not at work.  TV can only fix your boredom for a while so I decided to make a change now. That's not to say TV is the devil and it's sinful to watch TV.  

As a writer, I relish the challenge to write any time I get.  This is one of the reasons that I have to do this.  To develop my craft, I have to do it.  Makes sense, right?  An artist never created a masterpiece by watching Food Network all day. 

Anyway, that's beside the point. On to the meat and potatoes of this day. Yes, it is a sports-related post for the day but they won't all be like that.  I woke up with the Texas Rangers 8 1/2 games ahead of the Oakland A's in the AL West.  I can't remember when they had this amount of a lead at this point in the season.  Anyone who knows baseball knows the Rangers are notorious for choking away the second half of the season, but they're still in first place, winning their last 7 out of 10 games. With two months to go, they are looking great and made some awesome trades to help bolster their team.  This very well could be the year that they do it--at least make the playoffs.   

Cliff Lee, Bengie Molina, and Jorge Cantu have all been to the playoffs at some point in their career and they are already contributing to the success of the team.  One can only wonder if they can go all the way.  I know futility.  I've been a Rangers fan for life and I'd like nothing more than to see a WS title. Only two months to go, the chances look great.  It now feels great to be a Rangers fan, when before it was only good.

This is it for now. I'll be back tomorrow. With what topic, I don't know.  You'll just have to keep reading to find out.