Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Public Figures and Tweeting

Maybe I'm beating this into the ground, but do people not consider the consequences of their Tweets?  These tweets are made public; it's not something that's kept private in the comfort of your own home.  Everyone who wants to will see it.  I'm referring to Jaz Reynold's asinine tweet about the shooting on the University of Texas campus on Monday.  How insensitive do you have to be to make a tweet like that.  Does he not know how scary a situation like that can be and what kind of a toll that can leave someone emotionally for life?  Even a fierce rivalry like OU/Texas loses its luster when someone has to tweet a tweet about suicide.  It's something to be taken seriously, Jaz. Grow up and watch what you say.  You're a role model, whether you start or not.

I hope Texas is fired up about that comment.  I truly hope you hang your head in shame, because quite honestly, you shouldn't be on the team.  

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