Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Interesting Thought

Could this country survive without a two-party system or without a government?  This thought has plagued me for a long time, because I'm often left wondering what would happen if we weren't governed, or governed to its max.  What would society look like and furthermore, would society degenerate to the likes of some countries without governments.  I'm not an anarchist, nor do I claim to be. I can't imagine a country without a government, but maybe it could work. 

Or maybe it couldn't.

I'm a Conservative, but leaning toward Libertarianism (not liberalism--there's a huge difference), but I'm thinking the complete absence of government would force us to death and destruction.  This blog is going to take a lot more thought on my end, and I'm going to follow up on this topic. 

Disclaimer: I know that posing the question of living without a two-party system or living without a government are two completely different things, but both ideas will be explored.

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